The tools of the housings for installation devices according to DIN 43380, also called top-hat rail housings, come in a modular design. Using interchangeable tool inserts, it is possible to implement individual customer wishes both at a reasonable price and at short notice.

Our tried and tested solutions for the electronics industry include certified Euro plugs and Euro couplings as well as shock-proof plugs in different versions and colours.



Apart from different versions of fully mounted brake roller drives for gravity roller conveyors, our range of products also includes transport services and workpiece carriers as well as functional parts for pallet flow and sliding shelves.

We manufacture numerous quality products for the medical technology industry, including for the hospital and dental sectors. A saliva ejector with built-in mirror for a renowned international company is the perfect example.

We have a lot to offer in this area: from insulation holders and dowels for the construction supply industry to products for the sanitary sector to window, door and façade systems. We supply many different sectors.

Our drinking cups are suitable for both private and commercial use. When printed with individual motifs, such as your club logo, they become a useful and appealing advertising medium. However, it goes without saying that Langer also delivers wood imitation plastics which are used, for example, when manufacturing parts for sporting weapons.

In this segment, we manufacture decorative and technically sophisticated lighting accessories fixtures as well as visually and technically demanding parts for renowned manufacturers from all over the world.

Continuing our nearly 100 years of family tradition, we still manufacture letters, numbers and company logos from brass, white alloys and plastics for foundries and the model making sector.

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